Ranking Order


Reference Number: CIP 02-17-3124

Applicant: Stephen Caruana

Platform: Malta Video Game Studio Association

The amount awarded for 3 years: €150,000

The Malta Video Game Studio Association will create a platform for local studios and foreign game development companies established in Malta. The platform will establish a brand to represent video games developed in Malta and run a number of programmes and workshops designed to grow the Maltese game development industry into a commercially successful sector.


Reference Number: CIP 06-17-3128

Applicant: Glen Calleja

Platform: HELA

The amount awarded for 3 years: €93,360

HELA will be a new platform for literature and publishing and will act as an information desk and contact point for the sector. It will also provide continuous professional development for authors and publishers and will promote residencies and organise events relevant to the sector in Malta and abroad.


Reference Number: CIP 11-17-3133

Applicant: Oliver Mallia

Platform: Film Grain Foundation

The amount awarded for 3 years: €136,400

The Maltese film industry will also develop its own platform through the setting up of the Valletta Film Lab by the Film Grain Foundation. The lab will organise workshops to help participating companies and individuals prepare projects for the international market. The Valletta Film Lab will also participate in international film markets to promote local productions and organise a co-production market in Malta.


Reference Number: CIP 08-17-3130

Applicant: Gabriella Giacchino

Platform: EngageCREATIVES

The amount awarded for 3 years: €150,000

#EngageCreatives is a performing and visual arts platform that will offer accelerator services to start-ups in these areas. The platform will focus on Maltese artists who require assistance in bringing about their creative potential through tailored support in open workshops and programmes that provide the tools required to forge their own career.


Reference Number: CIP 10-17-3132

Applicant: Maria Galea

Platform: INIALA5

The amount awarded for 3 years: €150,000

I AM is a collaboration of contemporary art galleries headed by IAM, with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship and start-ups in the visual arts sector through networking, capacity building and art market development. The platform will also focus on the sector’s export development through participation in art fairs.