Published on Friday 4 October 2019

I have been monitoring recipient projects of the KulturaTV fund at Arts Council Malta through four rounds of funding since its beginning. My background is in international consultation on Film and Television projects through

The fund has funded projects in three areas: creative documentaries, cultural content and drama.

The contribution of this funding has significantly affected both the quality of the content and the business practices of the production companies. Several producers have commented that documentaries on important Maltese cultural subjects would not have been possible without this support. These projects contribute to the celebration locally and education internationally of the Maltese language and culture. Projects funded of this type would include MitkellmaIl – Festa, Storja Animalta and the upcoming Stolen Saint.

With the expansion of platforms for episodic content internationally through providers such as Netflix and Amazon and with other players such as Apple, Google and Disney moving to expand in this landscape the opportunities for production companies to reach wider audiences are growing exponentially.

This particularly applies to drama content in any language in those genres attractive to international audiences and the funding of drama through KulturaTV offers particularly exciting possibilities to Maltese production companies.

Taking the production company Take 2 as an example, with their KulturaTV funded work Miraklu and the upcoming Merjen, we can see that there are Maltese companies that are becoming increasingly ambitious in their storytelling and acute in their understanding of the possibilities of the international marketplace.

This capacity for production companies to gain support to grow their ambition and capacity through KulturaTV has been exciting for me to see over the last few years and I believe will continue to contribute to both local cultural expression and celebration and in terms of taking the voices of Maltese storytellers out to a broader international audience.