Published on Tuesday 9 May 2017

The new artistic director of ŻfinMalta outlines his vision in this exclusive blog for

I am incredibly honoured to have been given the opportunity to join this fantastic company as its artistic director. Having worked in Malta before and having had the chance to engage with the local sector, I was thrilled to know that I could also make my contribution to the island, becoming an active player in the development of the Maltese cultural scene.

I am originally from the south of Italy, not that far from Malta, and even though I have always worked abroad, I share a deep connection with our Mediterranean roots. Therefore, our vision is to keep nurturing a culture for contemporary dance in Malta within our interconnected world and developing the identity of the company through our Mediterranean values and philosophy.

How can we make this happen?
We will do that through a whole lot of activities, starting with exciting new productions, designed to allow first and foremost our local audience to engage more with their company. 

ŻfinMalta primarily belongs to the Maltese citizens, and I will strive to allow them to become proud audience members and, over time, to become not only appreciative of the art form, but also active advocates of the company and proud ambassadors of ŻfinMalta. 

I will provide the opportunity for our local emerging artists to research and develop their craft, offering a platform to grow and, with time, export this talent and celebrate the Maltese spirit around the globe. 

There are already planned professional development activities for our in-house dancers, creating a lateral path allowing them to cultivate skills within the dance sector, eventually injecting more expertise into the territory. 

There is a beautiful and strong network ready to work with the company to connect not only with Europe but also with our neighbours in the Mediterranean region.

And above all there is trust in all the institutions that will support this journey.

My promise is to use my passion, my work and my experience to serve the vision of the company, operating as an extension of the policies that, together with Arts Council Malta, we will develop. We will do everything to make this happen and more, and I would like to send an invitation to all the Maltese: our vision is an ambitious and challenging one, and we can make it happen if we all participate together. So, don't hesitate, please come and join us in this amazing journey!