Published on Friday 6 May 2022

Keith Sciberras, Co-Curator

Professor Keith Sciberras is Head of the Department of Art and Art History within the Faculty of Arts, University of Malta. Professor Sciberras is a Member of Senate and Rector’s Delegate for the Curation of the Historic Building and Works of Art.

“My role as a Seicento scholar was to elucidate on the context of that space and to articulate the contextual, theoretical and art-historical references of the project. Uslip's role is to dialogue with contemporary imagery, while Sassolino, Schembri Bonaci and Schembri sought to anchor their own creative production in what we were discussing. The point of departure, and the beauty of it all, is that the Malta Pavilion reminds you of the space of the Oratory but takes you into contemporary thought and engagement. This is essential.” [Diplomazija Astuta to represent Malta at Biennale di Venezia 2022, 13 February 2022, available here]

Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci, Artist

Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci studied Philosophy, Law and the Arts. Schembri Bonaci is coordinator of the Fine Arts Programme in the Department of Art and Art History, Artistic Director of the APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, and Artistic Director of the Strada Stretta Concept, a cultural programme under the auspices of the Valletta Cultural Agency.

"Faktura is the tangible relationship existing between any artist and the chosen materiality of creation. This excited me intensely and I felt that this might be my perfect chance, at last, to challenge and deal with this other contemporary art category that became dominant during the twentieth century, particularly in its first decades." [Challenging metallic ‘faktura’ through a heartbeat, my heartbeat, 19 April 2022, available here]


Brian Schembri, Musician

Brian Schembri is one of Malta’s most prolific and critically acclaimed musicians. He was Chief Conductor of the OPF Orchestra and the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, Music Director at Teatru Manoel, and Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

“…what excites me is that there's a unique instrument, the installation, which is going to produce a visual and a sonorous effect which I must musically organise into a score. The sound produced will be both heard and seen”. [Brian Schembri sets the score, 1 March 2022, available here]


Nikki Petroni, Project Manager

Nikki Petroni studied History of Art at the University of Malta and at University College London, completing a Ph.D. in Maltese Modern art at the University of Malta in 2019. She is a visiting lecturer in Modern and Contemporary art at the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Malta and Executive for Education and Development at Arts Council Malta.

“The team is made up of many different professionals working on the various aspects involved, from the technical to the administrative, the artistic to the curatorial, and it is important to maintain a synergy between all”. [How to manage ‘Diplomazija astuta’, 27 March 2022, available here]