Published on Tuesday 23 February 2016

Head of Funds & Brokerage Elaine Falzon on how 'let’s do this’ often replaces ‘let’s think about it' - and how strategising can make all the difference

“We are artists, we do not strategise.”

For some this is still a mantra. During the recent ACMlab session focusing on strategic planning for cultural organisations, Director Strategy Toni Attard pointed out the most frequent excuses not to strategise, which primarily include lack of time, a sense of entitlement for the funds and not enough will to do so. The excitement with which we tend to approach artistic projects many a time tends to make us place strategic planning on the back burner. The ‘let’s do this’ often replaces the ‘let’s think about it’, turning ideas into ambitious projects without the necessary preparation.

Stating why strategic plans are important for organisations is perhaps unnecessary at this stage. We all know they are. Strategic plans serve as a backbone for the growth and development of the organisation. Most importantly, strategic plans will make you stop and think. Think about the strategic landscape you are operating in (the policies, human resources, infrastructure, financial resources, network possibilities), reflect upon your audiences, risks you might be facing and contingency plans, and create your own business model. Solid sustainable organisations require a clear vision, reliable management, governance structures and good marketing plans. Establishing all this will ultimately put you in a better position to approach your funders and your sponsors and to make your case for why you should be supported. It will also clearly demonstrate how you are making the most out of the money invested in your idea.

It will make all the difference.

The next ACMlab session - Get Sponsored - will be held on 29 March 2016 at 18.30 at Blitz, 68, St Lucia Street, Valletta. Participation is free of charge. To book a place, send us an email on Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.