The new Creative Industries Platform will give creative entrepreneurs the skill-set required to launch their business idea. Starting a creative business is an exciting but often challenging journey which in today’s competitive markets requires entrepreneurs to continuously invest in their skills in order to innovate their product or service. A support framework within which to work and network will also go a long way in helping a start-up take root.

The Programme

This programme, will facilitate the creation of sector support platforms within the Culture & Creative Industries that will provide targeted assistance to help the sector grow in a sustainable manner.

The scope of these platforms is also to provide support and services to help creative professionals improve their product and take their creative ideas to market. The funds received by successful applicants are therefore to be used to provide one or more sub-sectors within Culture & Creative Industries with access to professional mentoring, capacity building initiatives, networking, and export development opportunities.

The three-year programme will provide a grant of up to 80% of the project cost capped at €50,000 annually per platform for a three-year period. The funding is intended for Platforms to implement their proposed programme.

The programme contributes to further professionalisation of the Culture & Creative Industries with the aim of developing a stronger entrepreneurial culture within an increasingly competitive and dynamic creative ecology.

There will be one call for participation in the programme in 2017. 

Deadline for applications: 13th September 2017, noon.


Who can apply?

The programme is open to companies, organisations and groups, registered in Malta, whose main area of activity is directly relevant to the Cultural & Creative Industries.

Public agencies cannot be applicants but may be partners or collaborators.


Selection Criteria

Criterion 1.  Quality and strength of the partnership, reach of the direct and indirect beneficiaries through the services provided

Criterion 2.  Expertise of team members, including mentors and trainers, their in-depth knowledge of the sector and key trends in Malta and globally

Criterion 3.  Feasibility, sustainability and clarity of the financial plan

Criterion 4.  Quality and level of detail of the communication plan to reach the beneficiaries and raise awareness of creative industries

Criterion 5.  Projected impact for the stakeholders and the sector in general, including inter and intra sectoral collaborations, potential economic increase in revenues of beneficiaries, potential increase in contribution to GDP and number of jobs created.


After you apply

Each project may be allocated a maximum of EUR 50, 000 annually, over a period of 3 years. The amount may cover 80% of eligible expenses.

This fund is competitive and will be evaluated according to established criteria. 

Proposals will first be screened in terms of eligibility. Proposals which are not eligible in terms of the procedure stipulated by the guidelines will not be processed further and will not undergo evaluation.

After you submit your application form to Arts Council Malta, an independent evaluation board will evaluate your project. A pitching session will be organized for all candidates. On the day indicated, you will receive your result notification from Arts Council Malta.